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NEW COLORS. Rings with smaller size, like spring buds. Oval and octagonal cut stones are surrounded by diamonds, fancy diamonds, and sapphires. A very elegant and delicate play of shades.

JCK Las Vegas

We are proud to present the new version of our iconic Fragranze Collection at the JCK show in Las Vegas. The new
jewelry, as always, is made with natural diamonds of different colors but the new variant will have semi-precious
stones such as aquamarine, kunzite, peridot, London blue quartz, and many others.


”From great powers come great responsibilities” and Giovanni Ferraris Gioielli wants to make his contribution in favor of scientific research. We are in this together, because a small step traces the future of a great path.

“You have to know the rules well to break them properly.


A cheerful collection with an irresistible and vain aesthetic. The characters of this line are the pearls, which illuminate and renew thanks to the sparkling shape of the jewel, offering a versatile style, suitable for any age and occasion. Light up your essence with shiny l pearls, you will reflect a new vibe!

“You have to know the rules well to break them properly.



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