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Craftmaship is a vocation, and the workshop is the model. Giovanni Ferraris draws inspiration from the core tradition of Italian jewellery production to give life to his creations that are full of energy, feelings, colour, and character. The company was established in 1985, and today, experience and work, as well as imagination and quality, combine together to produce a series of extremely eclectic collections, always choosing to be unconventional, rather than obvious and basic.

This is how things are being carried out at Giovanni Ferraris’s, and will keep being so in the future, in line with the spirit of authentic Italian tradition, with the best quality and great creativity.



L’Orafo Italiano


Jewelry INFO (June issue)


Jewelry INFO (March issue)


L’Orafo Italiano


Inside Giovanni Ferraris workshop
Prize-giving ceremony of Couture Design Award 2017 Video footage: Parlagreco Inc. Photo: Sandro de Carvalho



World Première in Ukraine

In Dnipro and Kharkov, at jewellery shops Cellini and Il Cammeo, Giovanni Ferraris presented the new 2018 collections.

Feni Gioielli

One evening at Feni Gioielli boutique

Friday, November 24 saw Feni Gioielli in Taranto host a welcome cocktail that opened a three-day event fully dedicated to Giovanni Ferraris 2017/2018 collections.

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