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Using our online contact form you have the opportunity to be contacted, as soon as possible, by one of our contact persons, or by calling directly at +39 0131 233075 or by sending an email to:
Please note that Ferraris Gioielli, before sending the goods sold to the Customer, will store all the documentation necessary to identify the item sent (photographs, certificates and other) and will refund the price only if the returned item is the same as it had previously been sold. Ferraris Gioielli comparing the returned good with the archived documentation, does not consider that it is the same object will not proceed to make any refund but will only send the good back to the buyer subject to report the fact to the competent Judicial Authority, and with charge of any consequent cost.

The Customer has the right to exercise the right of withdrawal, provided for the sale outside the business premises, pursuant to art. 49, paragraph 4, and art. 52 et seq., of Legislative Decree no. No. 206/2005, and subsequent amendments.
The deadline for exercising this right is fourteen days from the date of delivery of the products.
By this date, the customer is required to exercise the right of withdrawal by registered letter with return receipt, addressed to:
Ferraris Gioielli S. r. l.
Via Prevignano, 26
15046 San Salvatore Monferrato
Alessandria, Italy.

Together with the communication, the customer is required to return the products in the same condition in which he received them at the same address indicated in the registered letter, by courier at his own expense and with assumption of all responsibility related to transport, preparing an appropriate packaging to ensure the integrity of the products themselves.



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