/  Events   /  I BELLISSIMI D’ITALIA 2024


We Celebrated Italian Jewelry at the Heart of Italy!

We are thrilled to express our gratitude to KULTHO for creating a magical evening celebrating the exquisite art of Italian jewelry. The event unfolded within the prestigious walls of the Italian Embassy, adding a touch of elegance and history to the occasion.

For making this unforgettable experience possible, we extend our heartfelt thanks to His Excellency, Ambassador Alfredo Maria Durante Mangoni, and his wife, Eleonora Durante Mangoni (@eleonora_durantemangoni). Their gracious willingness to host the event on Italian soil truly elevated the celebration.

Imagine sparkling jewels displayed amidst the grandeur of the Embassy, creating an atmosphere that perfectly captured the essence of Italian craftsmanship and design. It was an evening that will be cherished by all who attended.



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