Giovanni Ferraris

We won the Couture Design Award

Giovanni Ferraris’s fourth time at Couture Las Vegas, the prestigious international invite-only show for top jewellers worldwide, was a ‘wow’ experience. Just like his debut at Couture back in 2014, Giovanni Ferraris received the Couture Design Award again.

This new recognition went to his beautiful titanium, gold, and diamond ‘dancing’ earrings, which topped the category for the Editor’s Choice.

giovanni ferrarisThe earrings are part of the exclusive Titanium collection, which includes original items. They combine luxury, volume and lightness – an equation solved by Giovanni Ferraris from an alternative viewpoint. Titanium is the alternative – an amazing technological material but difficult to work with. Only Giovanni Ferrari craftsmen were able to tame it to deliver such jewellery, with a fluid design and organic inspiration, lightweight and large.

The 2017 Couture Design Award seals the positive outcome of the show, with the appreciative interest by Couture selected visitors in his collections, mainly the 2017 ones – Vanity, Polvere di Stelle, Tiramisù, Millefoglie. In particular, they are characterised by many diamonds in many nuances, as well as a certain business vibrancy.

So, at Couture, Giovanni Ferraris displayed his best pieces to stand out with jewellery entirely made in the San Salvatore Monferrato atelier, showing genuine respect for Italian tradition, top quality craftsmanship and creativity. It is jewellery entirely made in Italy.