Travelling to Cyprus

Antony gave sunny Cyprus to Cleopatra as a gift. It is a Mediterranean island stretching towards the East, a crossroads between East and West, a tourist destination and, according to an established tradition, it has a flourishing trade in precious jewellery and stones. It has plenty of jewellery shops, which makes it an interesting destination to be cultivated. That is why Katia Ferraris travelled to Cyprus between June and July and paid visit to Venezia Oro and Brilliance Jewellery in Ayia Napa as well as Michalis Diamond Gallery and Zacharias in Limassol.

michalisFour prestigious jewellery shops. Four loyal partners to the Giovanni Ferraris brand. Four ‘courtesy calls’ but oriented to marketing, window displays, and to receiving comments and advice.

This tour of Cyprus has consolidated relations with retailers. But basically it has helped us gain deeper insight into the taste preferences of the international clientele holidaying and shopping on the island – the ideal state of mind for the creative, colourful jewellery by Giovanni Ferraris.

Katia came back from sunny, welcoming Cyprus with innovative ideas for both the collection in the catalogue and next season’s new pieces.