New collections at Vicenzaoro 2017

Gold wires whirl, intertwine, cross, and curl in apparent freedom. The Millefoglie collection immediately conveys a feeling of delicacy and a sense of entertainment. The wires give necklaces and earrings an exotic feel, a lively folk mood. With thin or larger pave-set lines, rings dreamingly embrace fingers. With its dynamic design, the Millefoglie collection exemplifies contemporary jewellery and stands out for the spontaneous and cheerful appeal intrinsic to Giovanni Ferraris collections, where whimsical originality is preferred to clichés.

Also the Tiramisù collection is about dynamism and movement, like a multi-layered gold curl seductively wrapping a finger. Tiramisù is a novel collection of rings, brightened by fine embellishments that never stop catching the eye and filling the soul with joy. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, either pave-set or marquise for a more fanciful (and sensual) effect brighten the whole collection. With its spiral shape and the strong embellishment, Tiramisù is reminiscent of Oriental vibes that burst with intense glamour.

A new collection has been added to Minù, the fashion-forward brand by Giovanni Ferraris – MIllebolle. Its theme: bubble. A bubble with a punk-looking style, like on rings, where it multiplies and where icy sapphires are set. Harmonious waves cutting through the bubble offer a softer, smoother effect. With this novelty and in keeping with the identity, affordability, and flexibility to each everyday outfit, Minù remains the place where Giovanni Ferraris explores new emotions in the shape of prêt-à-porter jewels.