For Baselworld: diamonds and pearls

The TWIST NATURE collection is now a basic element of the production. With its botanical and animalier motifs and the flexible gilded titanium core, it ideally leads the selection prepared for Baselworld 2017.

It starts with the latest collection, which has a name dear to Giovanni Ferraris, POLVERE DI STELLE (stardust). Same name as a very much loved collection dating back to a few seasons ago, of which it cements the memory with rings that embrace and wrap the finger with broderie effect, a vaguely retro embroidery pattern crafted from gold and colourless or fancy coloured diamonds, along with beautiful diamond and pearl drop earrings.

Pearls: here is another wonderful seasonal obsession. Pearls are the leitmotif of the VANITY collection. The emblem of elegance of timeless allure, these pure white or coloured pearls characterise long necklaces, rings and earrings along with antique rose-cut diamonds of different hues. Now the VANITY collection also presents new models with cabochon-cut rubies and emeralds, shining in vivid red and green.

A second surprise to be unveiled is the PAVO REAL collection. A name (peacock) that evokes the pleasure of showing off. Glamour is expressed through colour (sapphires of all colours and rubies) that floods earrings (the torchon pieces are lovely), pendants and rings. It is studied irregularity that reflects the value of craftsmanship.

The selection would not be complete without MILLEFOGLIE and its gold wires that whirl, intertwine and curl with delicacy. With its dynamic design, it exemplifies contemporary jewellery and stands out for the special cheerful appeal intrinsic to all Giovanni Ferraris collections.

And then the TIRAMISÙ collection, with a multi-layered gold curl that seductively wraps a finger. With its remarkable use of decorative diamonds, rubies and sapphires, either pave-set or more fancifully (and more sensually) marquise-cut, a new collection of rings is reminiscent of Oriental vibes that burst with intense glamour.

Also Minù, the ready-to-wear brand of Giovanni Ferraris, has been enriched with two new collections. New fancy diamonds, in their faceted rose cut, characterise the MIllebolle collection and reflect the light in a multitude of orange and amber shades that mix with burgundy rhodolite, deep blue London topaz and milky white sunflower quartz.
Another new collection is MIriade, a romantic line that takes inspiration from above, the immense universe. With its rings and earrings, it depicts constellations crafted from gold and coloured natural stones. The magnetic power of the stars follows Minù spirit – you can afford and wear it on every occasion.