Giovanni Ferraris

Baselworld. Eight window displays of wonder

Baselword 2016. In its eight window displays Giovanni Ferraris shows jewels with a strong own characteristics, but also versatile, everyone can adapt to his own style and match them according to his taste.

TWIST is a must have collection of Giovanni Ferraris, really very special (it’s patented) made of gold and titanium. This year Twist collection has been extended with delicate butterflies in diamonds and sapphires that rest gently on jewellery. Absolutely beautiful then, the range of bracelets, soft and comfortable as a hug.

Due to the big success, Giovanni Ferraris repeats in an expanded range DIVINA collection. Rings made up by seven bands, with the versatility of being able to be worn in multiple variants: seven bands ring or two rings made by three or four bands ….The dream of every woman; to buy a ring and owning two!

WONDERLAND celebrates the wonder of precious stones, the gentle cabochon, the class of diamonds, the style of design. There are the classic bands but in the most creative and original solutions, necklaces and earrings in different versions: only diamonds of different colours of sapphires or different cuts.

The design is becoming more challenging with the GRAVITY collection to meet the desire of having diamond rings, but with something more. The frame can hardly be seen causing the diamond remains seemingly suspended.

GRACE collection features a great elegance and femininity, the choice of the stones is classic but the shape and size are very important and contemporary. There is nothing more classic and elegant than pearls.

Every woman deserves a fantastic VANITY necklace; beautiful with important pearls of different shades, spaced out with small spheres faceted fancy diamonds, decorated with old-cut sapphires.

Explosion of colours for the ANASTASIA collection, maxi amethysts, tanzanites, rubellites, topazes, gold and diamonds. It is possible to have the shrank that splits to wear it in one or two fingers.

Sapphires that create a perfect alchemy of colour and elegance. Harmonious and multicoloured, they have a pure and natural beauty. There are no similar stones. This is what makes each piece of jewellery so special of this IRIS collection.