Giovanni Ferraris founded his company in 1985 and today in his “bottega” experience, excellence and imagination combine to give rise to his eclectic and original collections, where artistic inspiration differs and rises above any style.

The identity of Giovanni Ferraris lies in the production of High Jewelry, inspired by the goldsmith tradition of Valenza and where technical skills combined with creativity are freely expressed thanks to the colors of precious stones, carefully selected, in order to give life to the shapes and design of each piece.

Observing and directing the workbenches, from which his career began and evolved to the management role, Giovanni Ferraris claims his identity as a genuine craftsman, the one who creates and produces all his works inside. Reliability and love for handmade make Ferraris jewelry an invaluable treasure to wear.


Present, past and future look towards the same direction: to maintain and evolve the goldsmith’s art from the authentic spirit of the Italian School, through quality craftsmanship and eccentric creativity expressed in design, always innovative and attentive to the style of every Woman.
Discover a world of colors and possibilities, discover Giovanni Ferraris jewels.


Our brand is the hallmark representing our company and our product. Giovanni Ferraris protects all its creations from counterfeiting and from risks of copying, imitation and improper use that may damage the exclusive rights of the owner, the company image and competition on the market.
We have different measures in order to protect the uniqueness of the jewel and the customer’s purchase. The main ones are:
Trademark registration
The monitoring of products bearing the company’s trademark and their passage through the Customs of the Italian State
We care about the safety of the purchase of a Giovanni Ferraris jewel and for this reason we dedicate our commitment to the protection of the company and our customers.



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